Vacancy for Wholesale Sales Manager position

About us

Our direction is selling large, medium and small wholesale branded clothing, shoes and accessories for young people, but also children’s clothing complements our range. Our customers are wholesalers and retailers up to large retail chains with more than 12,000 branches, who turn to us for help.

Our philosophy is rooted in the spiritual and moral values of Man!

Spiritual development! Honesty, courtesy and decency towards customers and partners.

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About you

Are you a decent, honest, serious and responsible Man?

Are moral values a daily practice for you?

Do you joyfully communicate on the phone and are free in the consciousness from the patterns of division into color, nationality, mentality?

Interests, desires of your client are higher for you than your own greed, selfishness and thirst for profit? In addition, you have a sincere desire to help the client select the product, the product that the client can successfully sell, thereby meeting the needs of the end buyer?

It is wonderful, if you already have experience in wholesale trade, but if not yet, then we will teach, from your side only a sincere desire to help the client, purposefulness, desire to learn and improve themselves not only in the sale, but also in the spiritual development, bringing goodness, joy, mutual help to the world.

Knowledge of Russian and English is an advantage if you want to reach more than just Russian-speaking countries, thereby expanding your range of languages.


Other languages are just an advantage for you

The main thing is to be guided by the soul and remain human. If these values are present, then success is assured,

Do you have good knowledge of programs like MS-Office (Excel, Word)?

Your tasks

  • Support of existing customers and processing of new requests both by e-mail and in the customer service system (CRM)
  • Processing of orders (processing requests, creation of commercial offers, creation of invoices for payment, etc.)
  • Payment monitoring and control of timely shipment of goods to the customer
  • Independent search of clients on the Internet and independent placement of ads on the Internet
  • As well as your own initiative and your own ideas for marketing by conscience.


From the experience of our and our employees, the salary level depends on the person and belief in himself. And also how honest you are with your customers, but the most important thing is that you treat yourself as a person.

Training Process

The work itself, as well as training is carried out outside our head oats in the online mode, but you can always come to us for an internship in the office and warehouse of our company.

IMPORTANT the Way, faith in yourself and good intentions, then the result will not make you wait!

Send your CV (cover letter, photo questionnaire, diploma and/or matriculation certificate and, if available, letters of recommendation from former employers) via our contact form below.