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StockContinent History


The company “Stock Continent” was founded in 2005 by two cousins: Victor and Anatoly Bukhorn. At first, the company was engaged in importing lumber from CIS countries to European countries.


In 2007, one of the first companies entered the international wholesale market of clothing, footwear and accessories. And we consciously chose this direction – branded stock clothing. And already at the end of the same year “Stock Continent” positioned itself on the market of wholesale clothing in European countries.


In 2008 they opened a warehouse in Germany and by the end of this year became a leader in supplying goods to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries with such world-known brands (brands) of the world’s largest concern INDITEX Group, under the roof of which there are such brands of European clothing as:

  • Zara
  • Pull and Bear
  • Massimo Dutti
  • Stradivarius
  • Zara home

In 2008, all the above mentioned brands were still little known in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other CIS countries, and brands ZARA, Stradivarius imported to the CIS and other countries of the world only unofficially through the “black” channels under the guise of “humanitarian aid”, as the official remnants of the above mentioned concern were simply burned, so as not to bring a loss to their own official stores by selling clothes of the same quality, but past collections, through wholesale companies.

The sale of “black” shop and warehouse balances has greatly damaged the owners of Inditex companies and spoiled the reputation of the above mentioned brands. But “Stoke Continent” company was one of the first to get the privilege to officially export to the CIS countries first Stradivarius clothes, then ZARA clothes and the same year shoes of all brands of Inditex concern through TEMPE INDITEX GRUPO.

Since we exported exclusively official warehouse and shop balances of ZARA and Stradivarius, our product range differed significantly from the previously known “black” import in that it was much brighter and more diverse. How do I explain it? It is very simple – the philosophy of Index companies (each brand, except for the brand in the brand, has its own company, despite the opinion that it is sold from one company Inditex) the following: they collect at the end of each season (6 months – autumn-winter season, 6 months – spring-summer season) their goods from all over the world in one central warehouse of each company Inditex concern. All models of clothing and footwear vary from country to country.

For example, in some countries they like to wear clothes of simpler cut and gray tones (this is Germany, Italy and northern countries of Europe), in other countries, on the contrary, they like more colorful, multi-colored clothes (France, Latin America, Spain, Portugal, Russia and CIS countries and many Spanish- and Brazilian-speaking countries).

Thus, all branded clothing arriving at the central warehouses of the individual Index of companies from around the world, only a few wholesale companies or official agents (as in the company ZARA), which literally units. One of such companies is Stoke Continent. That is why the product of our company is so diverse and bright. As well as the official products are less defective and so-called “sample models” (without tags and instructions for use of goods and have only one size), which many wholesale companies smear in their lots because of their cheapness in relation to the official stock of clothes.

Such samples are not in our assortment, it indicates that we are selling official goods. We also sell each collection separately and do not interfere with each other. This way, our customers get what they expect.

A year later – in 2009 – we opened warehouses in Ukraine and Russia. In 2014, when the famous financial crisis occurred, we had to close these warehouses. But despite all the difficulties, “Stock Continent” has become one of the well-known suppliers of runoff clothing and footwear of the above brands in Eastern Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

For today more than 90 % of turnover of the company is carried out through our constant clients, many of them cooperate with us since 2007. This shows the trust of partners in us and our employees.

And some of our partners have even become real friends! And this is very valuable for us. Thank you with all our heart, friends and colleagues, for your trust!

We are happy to serve you and will improve and grow with you!

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