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The company "Stock Continent" specializes in store returns, warehouse balances, and we also have the opportunity to provide factory balances (an excess of products from factories of manufacturers) at the request of customers. Today there are few large wholesale companies on the market that supply official store returns from the manufacturer. We guarantee the delivery of official products only, since we respect our suppliers and all our clients with whom we work. With some of them, cooperation is literally from the very beginning..

Our advantages

Work experience

We have been in the market since 2005. Over the years we have been able to win the respect of many customers in Europe, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Wide range of products

We have a wide range of women's, men's and children's clothing, as well as accessories from well-known and leading brands in Europe.

High quality

All products presented on our site are of high quality. We check all products before they are shipped to our customers.

Favorable prices

The most affordable prices all over Russia, thanks to our direct contacts with foreign suppliers

Careful support

Our honest and honest employees, most of whom have been with us since we were founded, will help us find a solution, even in seemingly hopeless situations

Goods in stock

In the unlikely event that we do not have the product you are looking for, we will offer an alternative of more than 10,000,000 (10 million) units of clothing and footwear runoff per year from remote warehouses of our tried and tested and reliable partners
Seven other reasons that distinguish us from other companies?

Delivery and Payment

Delivery guarantee with customs clearance

It is very important that we deliver the goods to the doors of your warehouse with customs clearance inside the countries of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan with a guarantee that few people are able to do it and it is already in 2008

Available transport price

Delivery from our warehouse in Germany to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan with its own, years-long reliable carriers from 3.50 EUR/kg
Delivery to other CIS countries from 2.40 EUR/kg through the world-famous transport companies DHL, Aeroflot, DB Schenker and others

Cash settlement

In cash in our warehouse after checking the goods(recommended) or through more expensive and less flexible payment servicesWestern Union (www.westernunion.ru), MoneyGram (www.moneygram.com.ru/)

Cash settlement

Without cash settlement via SWIFT, but cheaper via the European SEPA system, opening an account in one of the following payment systems (probably available for all CIS countries)
How to avoid a high rate read the following point!

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Diana, Moscow

Diana, Moscow

When we opened our showroom, we had to find suppliers of famous brands. But no matter how much we looked for, we couldn't find a really reliable supplier. Somewhere we didn't like the terms of payment, many of us just couldn't give us the quality guarantees we were looking for. It was only when we accidentally went to Stoke Continent that we realized that this was what we needed. And now for the fourth year we have been cooperating. We are satisfied with everything!
Anastasia, Samara

Anastasia, Samara

I learned about Stoke Continent from my husband's friends, who once opened their own shop near Moscow. And when we decided to build our own business, of course, we wanted to bet on quality. And it was in Stoke Continent that we found the quality we were looking for. We were also able to make sure that there are very reasonable prices and very cool managers - we were told everything, helped with the design. Great!
Dmitry, St. Petersburg

Dmitry, St. Petersburg

We know how things are treated in Germany. If Germany, it's always quality, punctuality and only the best. That's how we do it at Stock Continent. The whole team here is super: they know their work clearly, they are always in touch, they will always help. In short, true pros. And the quality of products, which we have been ordering only here for the fifth year now, is above all praise. Nothing of the kind has ever been seen from anyone else. Well done.!

Our team


Sales Manager


Sales Manager


Sales Manager


Sales Manager

Natalia Alexandrovna

Warehouse Manager

Victor Vladimirovich Buchorn

Founder of the company CEO

Anatolij Buchorn

Founder of the company
Marketing and IT

Igor Dovgan

Stoke Continent Representative in Ukraine

Reliable partners

Transport companies with which we have worked since the foundation of our company
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Prices depend on the volume of the order and on your chosen brand, as well as on the collection and year of manufacture of a particular product, all individually.
Photos of the products, as well as detailed information about each product you can see on our website, by clicking in the menu on "PRODUCT CATALOG"
The choice is great and therefore we advise you to contact our friendly sales staff via free callback, online chat, phone, messenger or contact form, located in the most prominent place of our site and they will be happy to help you.
Thank you for your question!

Good question! We will arrange delivery to your warehouse doors, whether by air, sea or land. We will calculate terms and delivery cost for you. On everything there is the decision and all certainly individually. For this purpose specify in your order the exact address of your warehouse, the rest of the case is with us.
As soon as the money has arrived on our account (not to be confused with date of dispatch of payment from your account), the goods are usually already ready to shipp and demands only final control of quantity and quality. Depending on the number of received orders, your order is ready to be shipped within 3-5 working days from the day of receipt of your payment on our bank account. If we are dealing with large deliveries of 20,000 or more, we will approach each order individually and calculate the period of preparation of the goods for transportation. To do this, just wait for the notification of readiness of the goods from the employee who is responsible for your order, he will be happy to inform you about all the details. The time of shipment depends on the distance, mode of transport, destination and customs regulations for each country separately. Thank you!

That's a question we're less likely to ask. After a multistage inspection of the goods for quality and quantity, our employees pack the goods in environmentally friendly packaging, which is usually used many times, from the manufacturer to the end customer, which is especially important for the environment. The packaging is tested for durability before it is shipped. Your product will be shipped to you depending on the type and time of delivery, the possibility of moisture penetration and to avoid possible damage on the way in specially closed double bags (inside polyethylene and outside polypropylene). We can also consider your packaging requirements if their reliability is better than we have for many years tested packaging. At the customer's request and for an additional fee, we can pack each product in separate beautiful transparent glossy polyethylene bags, which makes the product even more attractive to the end user in your stores. Thank you!

We are satisfied only when you are satisfied! In the unlikely event that you do have a reason to complain about product quality, quantity, delivery or service, just contact our competent and reliable support team by phone, e-mail and other possible methods of communication on our website www.stockcontinent.com We will be happy to help you and find a solution that will satisfy you. Thank you!

That's a great question! Lots of our products we form in the same composition as we receive the goods from our suppliers. On our site www.stockcontinent.com select the category of goods that interests you and for each product you will find a drain sheet, which specifies the composition of a particular product or contact our staff through online chat, phone, messenger or contact form, located in the most prominent place of our site.
The batch size depends on the brand and type of product. As a rule, we form lots of 100 units, 250, 500, 1000, 5000 and 10,000 units. The corresponding batch size can be found on the page of each product separately, however, as well as the minimum lot of goods there. Different batch sizes can also be combined with each other - for example, 100 and 30, so you get 130 units and 2 lots that you can order.
The minimum order is only 2000 euros, usually one cardboard box of 100 pieces (or steam when you order shoes) or a bag of 25 kg of medium value segment or one pallet (pallet) of economy class goods. You can order only lots (a package of goods of the same brand or different brands in one package). These include a certain number of products from a certain collection, usually one brand, rarely of different brands. You cannot order a smaller quantity offered in lots, as they are already pre-formed by our warehouse staff and are usually ready for shipment. It is also impossible to choose separate categories of goods from already formed lots.
Thank you!

All brands are difficult to count, as they change frequently, but here are the main brands that our customers are constantly asking: INDITEXT brands: ZARA, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius; LPP brands: RESERVED, CROPP, HOUSE, MOHITO, SiNSAY; Brands of famous European supermarkets and hypermarkets: LIDL, KAUFLAND, ALDI and others as well as Alcott, Artigli Girl, Timiami, Bly03, Damat, Harvest, Modis and many others. Thank you for your question!