Delivery and Payment

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We offer a fairly extensive range of transport services, ranging from standard ones and continuing almost “impossible”, according to many of our partners in the market, solutions. Also we are flexible enough in the methods of payment. Details about all types of delivery and payment methods can be found in the dedicated section “delivery and payment” specially for this purpose. If you have additional questions, please contact our sales managers, they will be happy to help you. To do this, go to the “contact”

The minimum lot that you can order from us depends on the brand and type of goods. As a rule, the minimum order quantity is 30-100 pieces (or pairs, when you order shoes). You can order only in lots (package of goods of one brand or different brands in one package). These include a certain number of products from a particular collection, usually one brand, rarely different brands.
You can not order less quantity offered in lots, since they are already pre-formed by the employees of your warehouse and are usually ready for shipment.
The price of the minimum lot depends on the brand, collection and year of release of this collection on the market. To see prices, register by clicking the “Login / Sign up” link in the upper right corner of our website on each page.

The lot size depends on the brand and type of product. As a rule, the smallest batch size is 30-100 pieces. For shoes, the batch size can be lower. The corresponding lot size can be clicked on the product details page. Different lot sizes can also be combined with each other – for example, 100 and 30, so you get 130 units and 2 lots what you can order.

Lot (package of goods) contains, as a rule, from the goods of one collection of a certain brand. So, for example: Lot 1000 (a batch of thousands of units) contains of 10% jeans trousers, 20% T-shirts, 5% jackets, etc. reaching 100%. In standard size series, either only individual dimensions, i.e. boutique residues and unsold sizes. StockContinent is always cautious not to change collections and their percentage composition, i.e. we form our lots (parties) the way we received the goods from the manufacturer in the same percentage. Thus, you get a gifted collection of a collection of certain brands.

After several checks of the goods for quality and quantity, our employees pack the goods in environmentally friendly packaging, which is usually used many times, from the manufacturer to our final buyer, which is especially important for the environment. Packaging is checked for strength before shipment. Your goods will be sent to you depending on the type and time of delivery, on the possibility of moisture ingress and to avoid possible damage on the way in specially closed DOUBLE bags (polyethylene inside and polypropylene outside). We are pleased to consider your own packaging ideas as well.
At the request of the client and for additional cost, we can pack each item of goods into separate beautiful, transparent bags, which makes the goods even more attractive to the end customer in your stores.

As soon as payment for the ordered goods arrived to our account (not to be confused with the time you provide proof of payment), the goods are usually ready for transportation immediately and only needs final control on the quantity and quality. Depending on the number of orders received, your goods are ready to be shipped no later than 3 to 5 business days. If it is a question of large deliveries from 20.000 units and above, then we come individually to each order separately and calculate the period of preparation of the goods for transportation. To do this, simply wait for the notification of the readiness of the goods by mail. The time of transportation of goods to you depends on the distance, mode of transport and customs rules, specific for each country separately.

We are satisfied only when you are satisfied! If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the product, the quantity, delivery or service, simply contact our competent and reliable support service by phone, email, following the link “CONTACT”. We are happy to help you and we will find a solution together that will satisfy you.



Choose from our various shipping methods the one that is most convenient for you.


You want to pick up your goods by your transport, please, just start by discussing all the details concerning export outside Europe or inside it, with our managers, in order to avoid misunderstandings and surprises, as there are many details that you need to know and take into account in advance. BUT, IT IS EVERYTHING HAS SOLUTION 😉


You want to relax and get your goods quickly and reliably, we will happily organize for you the delivery checked by years above the indicated courier service, just leave the address where we need to deliver your goods either in your personal account on our website or inform it to our sales managers on phone, email or sms, select the appropriate delivery method when placing an order, and we will do the rest!
The courier service DPD has established itself as a very reliable, affordable and fast company, tested for years. Small orders we ship in packages through this service. Your packages you will receive in Europe in a short time to your door securely, conveniently, professionally, safely and quickly.


We will make sure that your goods reach the destination quickly, at an affordable price, professionally and, above all, safely. Therefore, we cooperate only with certified and world-famous transport companies chosen for you, where we are sure that your goods will be safely delivered. Even if something happened in the way with the wagon, all the trucks (trucks) of our partners are technically well equipped and have a tracking system (GPS), with which we can very quickly find out where your cargo is.
What is more profitable and better for you, just consult with our qualified sales managers, they will happily calculate what is most profitable for you.


Delivery to Russia

Russia is not only the largest and most beautiful country in the world, but also one of the most difficult countries, which has its own characteristics. We cooperate with our Russian partners in the field of transport, which for many years have established themselves as responsible and reliable partners who guarantee delivery to the door even in Russia. As you receive your cargo safely and quickly to Russia, our sales managers will prompt you.

Delivery to Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with a beautiful nature, where now many European retail chains have their own organic farms, where they grow biologic clean vegetables and fruits. But This country, more precisely its government, is full of surprises, which may not always be positive. But how can you, even with such less positive surprises, quickly and reliably get the goods in Ukraine, you will explain to our managers from the sales department.

Delivery to Kazakhstan

It is a country with a large number of steppes, still partially uninhabited regions. Now it is one of the countries that is part of the Eurasian Economic Union, which includes 3 more countries Belarus, Uzbekistan and Russia. Again, we found a way to quickly and reliably ship the goods to you. Our sales team will help us find the best and most reliable way.


Choose from our various payment methods the one that is most convenient for you.


After making an order through our online store, you will receive an email confirmation of receipt of your order immediately. Only after reviewing your order we will send you a binding confirmation of your order with all shipping costs. When placing an order by phone or e-mail, you will immediately receive an email confirming your order with all previously agreed services. In this order confirmation you will find our bank details for transferring the amount due. As soon as payment is received on our checking account, your goods will be prepared for transportation and will be sent to you shortly or if you wish, you can organize your transport. YOU DECIDE!


Do not take a cat in a poke, you also have the opportunity to see the goods not only on the site, but also personally in our warehouse, in the flesh to the point that you can even be found when counting the goods by our employees or even count them yourself. Only after you have personally ascertained that everything is as it should be, you pay for the goods and take away your own transport or you trust us to deliver the chosen goods to you by our certified transport companies, with whom we have cooperated for more than a decade, whether by land, rail, air or sea. YOU DECIDE!

PAYMENT through Western Union

You have the opportunity to pay your order through Western Union. Just ask our sales managers, they are always happy to help you. More information about this method of payment you can also find on the official website of Wester Union